can we seriously P L E A S E stop leaving random twenty one pilots shit in my tag? what does that gif have to do with me? what does that lyric art have to do with me? WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING THIS

*brendon urie vine voice* fucking idiot





this is the most embarrassing post i have ever seen

i would like to attend the opposite of that

good christ

recess is the ballpit you fucking trash infidels



*Likes your post because i secretly want to have sex with you*



(the stupid anon from before) i don't mean to go on about my problems but i really don't see a way out and i can't take it anymore... i'm sorry, i saw that you went to bed but thank you for answering my ask and not just saying something to just answer it, i appreciate it and know it was about a touchy subject so yeah, thank you...

Noo you’re not stupid, and I’m not sleeping anytime soon, so seriously come talk to me off anon if you need to, and don’t do anything rash :s

My name is Rae & I think Spencer Smith is a giant dork.


Previously thnxfrthvnm & cinematiceyes.
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